Letting go and Embracing Change

The day before I launched this blog, I came across an article entitled “Letting Go.”

The day before that, I had been chatting to a friend who was going through the unsettling early stages of a period of change. I’d been trying to reassure them that it’s perfectly normal to yo-yo between positivity and confusion, discomfort and excitement, and encouraged them to try to their best to just roll with it and let life take its course. If only I had this article to quote at the time (and could follow this advice as easily as I give it).

It so perfectly articulates so much of what I was trying to say to them and what I was thinking and feeling as I embarked on this new venture of my own, but its relevance to all of our lives is what compelled me to dedicate a whole post to it. None of us will get through this life without facing twists and turns along the way that will be confronting, baffling and take us right outside our comfort zones, but as Tony Linkson so eloquently points out, “if we want to live fully…at some point we need to recognize that sustained caution prohibits growth.”

It takes courage to let go because we go through a phase of deep uncertainty at the point of release…What’s certain is that the uncertainty is temporary. Even if we can’t see the next phase we can trust it’s there. – Tony Linkson

Change can be tough. Some naturally deal with it well, but even those of us who don’t can choose to adopt an approach that will smooth our transition through different phases of life. Mastering the art of letting go means learning to accept change rather than resist it. It’s understanding that changing our lives means changing ourselves too. (Click to tweet) The better we can do that, the better equipped we’ll be to enjoy the ride, however bumpy it may get. It’s definitely something I’m still working on.

So, here’s the link. Tony expresses all these ideas so well and so many quotes really spoke to me as I moved through the article. I’d love to know if any parts in particular jump out at you too, drop me a line or let me know in the comments.

Enjoy the read, and while you’re there, check out the Holstee Manifesto, it’s long been one of my favourites. If you’re currently going through or contemplating a transition, this fantastic resource put together by Fabian Pfortmüller if also full of useful insights and advice.


There have been some exciting developments since my last update! At the beginning of the month I finished the 6 week Fashion and Sustainability course I was doing online which I would definitely recommend, especially to those interested in starting their own brand or working in the fashion industry.

I’m happy to report that whilst I won’t be expecting any awards for my sketching skills they are slowly improving which is encouraging! I’ve made more headway finalising the details of my initial designs so one step closer to creating first prototypes. No surprise that this is taking much longer than expected but I’m pleased to be making progress.

I’m also very excited to have joined Rawan Maki and the Fashion Revolution Bahrain team as the Events Coordinator, and am already working with them on organising an event later this year – watch this space!

Next month I’ll be hitting up the London Textiles Fair and meeting a consultant who has been working and teaching in the fashion industry for 30+ years. She specialises in coaching starts ups and I’m really looking forward to discussing the project with her. I’m also hoping to meet with a creative and technical designer to discuss my initial designs and get some advice on garment construction, fabrics and more.

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally made peace with the fact that things are moving slower than I initially expected. It’s been quite liberating and has allowed me to enjoy the process much more rather than feeling like I have to hustle (I hate that word) to make things happen faster. Excited to see what the next few weeks bring!

Ciao for now,

Amy x

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